Publishing Professionals

Mary Anne Maier is the most professional, talented editor I have ever worked with. She pays attention to every last detail. Her editing skills are simply phenomenal. I know that when Mary Anne works on a manuscript, I will receive perfection. Add to that her warm, caring personality, and you have the best editorial services you can possibly receive in the book publishing industry.
Dianne Nelson, Owner, Shadow Canyon Graphics

Mary Anne Maier’s work surpassed my expectations: She followed my lead in shaping the manuscript and also respected the author’s voice and style while taking parts of the project in a smart, new direction. She was also organized, detail oriented, and nice—all great attributes in an editor.
Bess Maher, Program Coordinator, Colorado Book Awards; former Acquisitions Editor, AAHA Press

Mary Anne Maier is a talented editor and first-rate project manager who dedicates herself to her projects and authors. With an eye toward quality and detail, she is an invaluable part of the publishing team.
Mark Cohen, Former Editor in Chief, Health Professions, Pearson Education

Writers in Various Genres

Without Mary Anne, my book All My Patients Have Tales would never have found a publisher or have been successful. Not only was she just a great person to work with, but she guided me through the whole editing process. She has the uncommon ability to help you make the needed adjustments in your written copy without changing your voice or intent. Her direction helped take my book from mediocre to a national award winner. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to her and I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone.
Jeff Wells, DVM, All My Patients Have Tales; All My Patients Kick and BiteA Veterinarian's Handbook for Horse Husbands

You made it possible. Your guidance, questions, and suggestions moved this first-time author from passion and dreams to a coherent and hopefully easy-to-read and inspiring book. I really want to convey how critical you were in helping me "find my voice" and getting this book finished. It was a major shift from writing complex technical papers for engineers to writing a spiritual self-help book to uplift humanity. Your editing skills coupled with your friendly and caring personality helped make it happen. I am fortunate that my wife discovered such an excellent editor for my first book. Thank you so much.
Thomas Strawser, Spiritual Engineering: The New Science for Happiness and Extraordinary Relationships

After my literary essay had been accepted for inclusion in Mary Anne Maier’s anthology, The Leap Years, I anticipated the editing process with great trepidation, as I always do. But I quickly discovered that working with Mary Anne is not only an enlightening experience, but a joyful one as well.

She is that rare gift of an editor who combines unsurpassed skill and meticulous technique with an unwavering sensitivity to the author's wishes. Mary Anne possesses a quality found in only the most masterful of editors—the ability to nurture a piece of writing into its most eloquent and powerful form without ever attempting to impose her own voice upon it. As a brilliant writer herself, she never loses sight of the fact that all writers put a part of their heart and their soul in their work.

I have no doubt that any writer, of either fiction or nonfiction, who has the opportunity to work with Mary Anne will come away from the experience feeling as privileged as do I to have found an editor of such sterling talent, vision and proficiency who dispenses her wisdom with such inexhaustible patience, humor, kindness and respect.
Laura S. Distelheim, Twice noted for special mention in both Best American Essays and The Pushcart Prize. Recipient of the William Faulkner William Wisdom Medal, Mary Roberts Rinehart Award for Nonfiction, and numerous other awards and grants.

In our culture, where being a professional often means specialization, Mary Anne Maier has developed a practice that defies categorization. When you work with Mary Anne, you get the whole person—writer, editor, and teacher—one who is bright, skilled, organized. My guess is that whether you’re a novice and think you can’t write, a seasoned writer with a manuscript being prepared for a book publisher, or anywhere in between, working with Mary Anne will be worth every penny of her reasonable hourly rate. Mary Anne is bright and thoughtful, perceptive and skilled, and fun to work with to boot! Through our interaction my thoughts have deepened, my skill as a writer has advanced to a new level, and my visual art has blossomed. Who could ask for more!
Maggie Van Vliet, D.Min., former Artist, Teacher, and Management Consultant

Academic and Specialized Writers

I highly recommend Mary Anne as a great writing coach and editor. With her firm but gentle guidance, I was able to turn a detailed manuscript that I had been struggling with for years into a beautiful sourcebook. I could never have done it without Mary Anne’s unusual combination of skills and personal flair to guide me through it.

Mary Anne is not only well educated and experienced, but she is also extremely bright, creative, and flexible. She is easy and fun to work with, thorough and efficient, and also reasonably priced and fair. She is a rare and expert kind of multilevel editor who can help you with everything from basic line editing and word usage to organizing ideas and identifying logical and illogical arguments even in technical areas.

Mary Anne helped me iron out problems with an attitude that was so light and easy that it transformed what I saw as problems into opportunities to improve the manuscript. She fosters along budding manuscripts with unique care and oversight, providing writers with the emotional and intellectual support that we need.
Mary Ann Foster, Somatic PatterningTherapeutic KinesiologyMassage and Bodywork “Talk about Touch” column 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your thorough and compassionate editing of my book. I was quite apprehensive going into this process, but I was quite pleasantly surprised by my experience of working with you. The time and future embarrassment you saved me are invaluable. Our discussions helped not only with the text but also helped clarify my thinking and helped me in developing and refining the seminars that I give.

You were also very reassuring and supportive. You took much of the threat out of this process and made the experience of editing an enjoyable learning experience. Finally, you were a joy to work with. I look forward to future collaboration when I work on other projects.
Bill E. Beckwith, Ph.D., Managing Your Memory: Practical Solutions for Forgetting

Non-native English Writers

Mary Anne Maier has helped me in editing several technical papers, articles, and journal manuscripts written for a number of English-language publications. She not only reviews the text of manuscripts but also helps me to express myself more precisely, often leading to more condensed and effective paragraphs.
Gero Marzahn, Ph.D., Civil Engineer, Cologne, Germany

It is my pleasure to recall my graduate school days when I worked with you. I appreciated your policy that considers helping students to be self-help and respects academic integrity. You didn't just rewrite the paper; you actually worked with me. When you found vague expressions in my paper, you asked me in multiple ways to get an idea of what I really meant. That was very helpful for an ESL person.

Another thing that I must mention is that I appreciated your quick response and schedule flexibility. I believe you are a valuable editor! I think you can help ESL writers all over the world.
Akemi Takahashi Torin, Former Graduate Student