Potential clients often wonder how I can work with them on writing in a specific subject area if I am not an expert in that field. The simple answer is that I certainly can’t be an expert on every topic. But I’ve learned through lots of experience over the years that not being an expert can actually enhance my writer’s eye and editing ability.

I’ve learned to ask the kinds of questions and notice the holes that professionals who are immersed in a field, or fiction writers who have become absorbed in their story, might take for granted. And clients find that answering my questions while explaining their topics or story concepts to me often helps them to clarify their ideas in their own minds, easing the writing process for them.

I have done academic and other specialized editing for years, for a university press and a large educational publisher, and for academics and professionals in an incredible variety of fields—from economics and civil engineering to bodywork and self-help. I also enjoy working with authors of fiction, memoirs, and creative nonfiction. 

Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear.
— Ezra Pound